Product Description

Emergency Light Battery Unit

  • 120/347VAC 60Hz Input, field selectable
  • High efficiency, rapid recovery, precision control charging system
  • 6VDC, 12VDC or 24VDC emergency power output versions
  • Wattage capacities from 18 to 720W
  • 30 Minutes emergency power duration standard
  • Momentary push button test switch
  • Diagnostic/pilot LEDs for AC ON and CHARGE
  • Fully automatic, current limited charger
  • Line latched, low voltage protection
  • Solid state design and construction
  • Brownout and short circuit protection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Load connection 72W and above
  • Complete battery recharge in 24 hours
  • Maintenance free, sealed lead acid battery
  • -Optional automatic-testing, self-diagnostic charger board:- Continuously monitors the operational status of the battery unit
  • -Automatically performs battery and lamp load testing at preset intervals
  • -Indicates any component malfunctions or automated test failures